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A Normal Pokemon Adventure. [Part 1]

5 days ago

Day 1.

Dear Journal,

I am Crimson from Littleroot, I am now almost 14 haha. Im about to get my first pokemon right now as well. Why am I getting my pokemon at the age of 14 not 10? Because I feel like being mature while having such an adventure is beneficial for me, and I prefer not having a child's brain while doing my first pokemon adventure. Anywho, I am going to doctor Birch to get my first pokemon, and it's going to be a Treecko.

After getting my Treecko and starting my journey I met my Rival on the way (May) in Old ale Town, she was holding a machop and a Torchic with her and we both had to fight against eachothers to see who's stronger. After it she told me about how she wants to reach the top as the best fighting type pokemon trainer like his master. She even suddenly called me her rival because I also want to be at the top.

She didn't even tell me who her master was, guess it'll still be a mystery.

Day 6

Just catched my first pokemon, it's a Tailow.

It was a hard fight since my pokemon was grass and he was flying, he had the type advantage and he was almost as fast as my Treecko! But I was able to defeat him thanks to Treecko's amazing power.

After that I went to the Rustboro Gym and defeated the Gym leader with ease, only used Treecko too because he has the clear advantage against the Rock specialist gym leader.

Day 10

Saw the leader of team Magma, Maxie, on the way in Rusturf Tunnel mumbling about taking revenge for his defeat and I had to eavesdrop him talking to one of his pawns about a plan to get the power of something called Jirachi. Moreover, one of his grunts discovered I was there so I had to fight some of them then flee for my own life.

So I continued my journey and encountering my third pokemon there shroomish, I heard that when Shroomish evolves he becomes a fighting-grass type which will aid me against the third gym. Not to mention he's so cute.

I met a lot of trainers on the way, most of them were using either fighting or water type pokemons so I was able to train Treecko and Taillow that way and guess what... My treecko evolved! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time now and I can't believe it! It's the first time a pokemon of mine evolves. He became a Grovyle and he also became faster than usual which is pretty astonishing!

After leaving the Route 110 I met Professor Birch! I told him about finding the leader of team Magma on the way and eavesdropping on him and overheared him talking about a way to retake the world with power of Arceus and Jirachi. Then Doctor Birch was gazing at me with shock and then suddenly excused himself and left... What was all that about?

Day 17

It took me a long time to get to Mauvile City and battle for the second badge! I won it at last using my Tailow since Ground type isn't effective on flying. Tailow is also very close to evolve I can't wait to see it evolve.

*later that day*

The weirdest thing just occurred.. I saw this mysterious dark creature in the shadows, he was unlike any pokemon that I've seen before. I was so terrified and I had to run away from him, but while Im running I could hear it chanting "Help me" and "please be with me" I felt cold and chills inside after hearing that.. Maybe it was just a lonely pokemon.

Day 18

Last night after that incident I had the strangest dream where I saw that pokemon again, he was also able to talk which is quite peculiar. I apologised for running away from him but then he told me that I should be careful... Because soon the world will cease to exist, that's when he showed me a glimpse of the future, that's when I saw the ruins of the earth, I saw a shining Pokemon in the sky looking down on earth and .. burned corpses on the ground.. One of the corpses was of..... I swallowed my own puke and woke up after it panting and breathing heavily. It seems like ruinous things are about to happen in the future, I might be the one to stop it too. Or maybe it's just a crazy dream and Im hallucinating.

Day 21

After training and battling a lot of trainers I was able to evolve both Tailow and Shroomish, now I have swellow and Breloom. I am so lucky.

*After a few hours*

I found an injured pokemon on the ground in the Jagged pass! It a small little green pokemon, it seems familiar but I am not sure where I saw it before. It seems like a grass pokemon, I am going to catch it and treat it later, maybe it can even be my fourth pokemon.

*At night*

After I recovered the grass pokemon in the poke centre I contacted Prof. Birch and he told me that this pokemon is Celebi! It's a legenadary time travelling pokemon and noe I own it. I am definitely so lucky.

Day 22

I just found May and had a rematch with her, she was able to beat me now I feel so ashamed with myself but she became quite the strong trainer. This journey is one of the best ever, I feel all the adrenaline rush inside of me while battling, I always feel like Im on top of the moon when I am with my pokemon and I'm just so....











"Wait.. Where am I?... No.. Most importantly who am I? Why am I in a cave alone. Ow! My head hurts like hell, and there's a pump in there too.. I have to get out of that cave."

*after several hours*

"This cave has no end, what the hell? Oh I can feel a small breeze.. OW! My head keeps hurting every time I get closer to the outside world... and I keep hearing this sound inside of my head telling me to go away and not to get out or consequences will happen.. But I have to get out there... Yes I can see the opening.. Ok Im outside no.... W-What happened to this world...it My head keeps on hurting me more and more.. The world seems like a ruined deserted place

.... I see someone laying there!!... No wait.. It's a burned corpse... There's also a headband right beside the corpse it's so familiar.. I feel like.. I'm about to faint.. Just seeing...it"




"Dear Journal, that day was also titled for me as the worst day of my entire life.. It was when I knew that everyone in this world is dead and when I knew that my.. Only friend and rival... Is also dead"

To be Continued ...





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