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Mei as a Pokémon Trainer~


Alola PokéFans!

I recently have acquired a new liking for Mei in overwatch, Her Playstyle, design, voice acting, everything is quite Awesome, I don't really have a reason other than that tbh

Who is Mei?

Obviously not Made by me, but I couldn't find the artist soooo

Mei, aka Mei-Ling Zhou is a defense Hero in the Popular Game Known as Overwatch, a Shooter made by Blizzard. Her main aspects are freezing her foes and building walls of ice, whether in front of her or around herself.

Before Battle Text

Mei: Mei Checking in, you'd better look out, cause I'm on fire! *Giggles* Well, not really

Battle Theme

Victory Theme Extended - Overwatch Soundtrack

I don't think I have to explain this one really

Defense Hero Mei wants to battle!

Mei sent out Avalugg!

I chose avalugg because Mei loves to build ice walls,

And Avalugg itself, is an Ice wall.

Avalugg Lvl 65 @Leftovers


Rapid Spin



252 Def 252 Hp 4 Atk

Adamant Nature

Avalugg Fainted!

Mei Sent out Kyurem!

One of Mei's primary abilities is shooting a ice gun with a flamethrower like mode, almost like a dragons breath. The only ice dragon, is kyurem

Kyurem Lvl 66 @Choice Specs

Ice Beam

Dragon Pulse

Earth Power

Flash Cannon

252 Hp 252 Spatk 4 Spdef

Modest Nature

Kyurem Fainted!

Mei Sent out Cryogonal!

Another one of Mei's abilities allows her to heal herself in an ice shield, and one of the only ice types to get recover is Cryogonal

Crygonal lvl 65 @Rocky Helmet


Freeze Dry


Hidden Power Grass

252 Def 252 Speed 4 Spatk

Timid Nature

Cryogonal Fainted!

Mei Sent out Alolan Ninetails!

This, is Mei's ace, her Ult is known as Blizzard, a very powerful technique that freezes all people around her, the only notable Blizzard User, is alolan ninetails in my opinion

Alolan Ninetails lvl 68 @Life Orb

Ability: Snow Warning



Freeze Dry

Nasty Plot

252 Speed 252 Spatk 4 Hp

Timid Nature

Alolan Ninetails Fainted!

Player Won!

After Battle Text

(You win)Mei: Ooh, Sorry about that, I messed up!

(You lose) Mei: It was nothing, Really

Final Notes

I adore Mei, so this was fun to make for sure, although I could never see this actually happening

Bye! Hope you enjoyed!




My cousin let me play overwatch about a week ago. I absolutely suck at it.

However, I like the game for being pretty creative.

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2 7 days ago

She should have weezing

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1 7 days ago

I love Mei! ^^ I’m interested into her as well!

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1 7 days ago
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