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My Pokémon Gym: Generation 8!

kaycreigh 5 days ago

THANK YOU for the feature :heart:

Growing up, I always loved to imagine myself in the Pokémon world:

What kind of Pokémon would I have?

What kind of Trainer would I be?

And making this video really brought back all of those memories.

This is my special 500 sub video and I put a lot of time and love into it, so I hope you enjoy!  

The “My Pokémon Gym” Tag has been going around for awhile now, but I’m fairly certain it was started by Mr Buddy (If I am wrong, please let me know and I’ll fix it!)

With the new games coming out on the Switch, it’s really exciting to imagine all of the new possibilities for the franchise! Perhaps that’s why I got so carried away? Oh, well. The Switch can handle it!

Some of my favorites:

Bird Keeper Toby



If you follow me here on Amino, but aren’t subbed to my YouTube Channel, it would honestly be amazing if you did! Link to the channel is just below!

Tune in next time for more shenanigans!


My links and whatnot!

YouTube Channel



The beautiful artwork of me with all of my Pokémon bbs was made by @wildillustrations (I was the one who did the horrible cutout job).

Check out the original and the rest of her amazing work on Instagram

Also, special shoutout to NASA for taking pictures of things in space. Let’s keep those Space programs funded, huh?


My Pokémon Gym: Generation 8!



It’s good how you edit your videos and make them interesting you have enthusiasm making the videos eye catching and like I said interesting good job

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2 6 days ago

I did a Pokemon Gym myself here on Amino, and it for featured, and I was super happy about it!

Your gym, Kaylynn, was marvelous! It took the standard trainer and leader battles and gave a deep and meaningful story that anyone who experienced it will take a lesson away from it.

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2 6 days ago

Thank you so so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed the idea :heart:

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1 5 days ago

Reply to: kaycreigh

Of course I did! Little stuff like that can make things go a long way!

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0 5 days ago
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