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Pokémon Lecto Journey's: Chapter 9 Brothers in Arms Part 1 - A Fiery Volcano


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"I imagine you'll be wanting to take on our gym challenges as soon as you can right?" Wayne asked despite knowing what the answer probably was.

"Of course!" Ash responded enthusiastically "I'm so ready for it."

"Good to hear," Charlie spoke with even more enthusiasm than Ash "we can't wait to take you on in battle."

"Won't it have to wait until the repairs to the museum are done?" questioned Jenny, not wanting to ruin the excited atmosphere.

"Don't worry about it. We have a good team working and they know our main priorities lie with our position as gym leaders," Wayne informed them "so whenever you're ready we'll accept your challenge. Our battlefields are located in the Volcano and Marine sections of the science centre museum. I suggest we all get some rest first though."

"Do you always have to be the voice of reason Wayne?" Charlie asked with a disappointed tone "I was just getting hyped up for a battle!"

"Yes i do Charlie, usually to keep your hyper-activeness in check. Plus after a day like today I think it's important someone remains level headed and logical."

"Hmph, fine. We'll see you as soon as you're ready then Ash," Charlie said clearly disappointed but hopeful for the battle to come.

"Bye!" The brothers said as they left the Pokémon centre.

Ash sat down on the sofa in thetocorner of the Pokémon centre with Jenny and Jaime.

"Are you ready for this Ash?" Jenny asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm always ready," Ash replied with a grin "tomorrow, I'm going to get my first Lecto gym badge."


"Will this be your first gym battle in the Lecto Region?" Nurse Joy asked Ash pleasantly as she cleared up a couple of the items cluttering her counter.

"Yep, sure is!" Ash responded unable to do much to contain his excitement "you're going to need my pokédex to register me into the Lecto League right?"

"That's correct," she responded as Ash passed his pokédex to her, which she then proceeded to briefly place onto a screen she had loaded on her counter. After a few moments, Ash's registered trainer ID was shown on the screen, along with details of all his previous league entries and battles and caught Pokémon. Then the all important word Ash had been waiting to see appeared. 'Registered.'

"Here's your pokédex," Nurse Joy smiled as she handed the piece of technology back to Ash.

"Awesome! Thank you so much Nurse Joy." He replied sincerely before turning to leave the Pokémon Centre.

"So Ash, are you ready for your first Lecto Gym Battle?" Jenny asked, grinning from ear to ear. She seemed almost as excited as Ash was.

"You bet I am!" He said back, pumping his fist in the air with Pikachu doing the same on his shoulder.

"Remember there's two gym leaders you have to battle, not just one," Jaime reminded him "and you won't win the gym badge until you beat them both seperately."

"Don't worry, I know. It'll just be all the more fun," Ash responded, being as optimistic as ever.

The gang began walking from the Pokémon centre and through the city to the Churchime Science Centre, and the battleground for Ash's first Lecto League challenge. They wandered through the labyrinth of tall buildings, some like skyscrapers, shops and malls, even some hotels and restaurants.

"I forget how big this city is," Ash mentions in passing "I'm surprised I haven't gotten lost."

"Oh Ash," Jaime said chuckling, scratching his head "if you think Churchime City is big, you should see Metrik City."

"Metrik City?"

"Yeah! It's the largest city in the Lecto Region and there's so much to do there!" Jenny piped up cheerfully.

"Oh cool! Is there a Pokémon gym there?" Ash asked a very typical Ash question.

"Of course!" Jaime responded "it's the biggest city in the region of course there's a Pokémon gym."

"Woah awesome! I can't wait to get there."

"We'll get there eventually, but it's on the south west side of the region. We're on the south east, so it'll be quite a journey."

"That's fine! I love travelling and exploring new places, as long as i have my buddies with me. Do you know what Pokémon type the Metrik City Gym uses?"

"Well..." Jenny started "I do. After all my dad's another one of the Lecto Gym Leaders so if he's friends with any of them, chances are I've met them. The Metrik City Gym Leader's super nice, and she's also pretty famous throughout the region for being the best in her sport. But that's all I'm going to say."

"She sounds cool! I can't wait to meet her," Ash responded.

"You might want to focus on the gym battle you're about to have first though Ash," Jaime said trying to get him back on track "especially since the gym is right ahead!"

When hearing this, Ash looked ahead to see the Churchime Science Centre looking over them. Finally, he could have his battle.

Without a word Ash began to sprint ahead, clearly just full of energy from his anticipation. Jenny and Jaime trailed after him, staying on his tail up until the automatic doors of the Science Centre, where they had to wait for them to open.

"Ash, Jenny, Jaime!" Charlie said almost as soon as they'd entered the building "we've been waiting for you."

"Well, he's been waiting for you," Wayne added, walking up behind his brother "I've been calmly imagining our battle and planning my strategy."

"Thanks, i guess," Ash said, apparently not entirely sure how to respond.

"In other words, I've been waiting for you too. Just not quite bouncing off of the walls like my brother here," Wayne smirked playfully at Charlie and the trio "although if I'm honest, there's rarely a time when he isn't like that."

"Hey!" Charlie snapped back just as jokingly, gently punching his brother on the arm.

"It's nice to see you guys too," Jenny smiled pleasantly.

"Ash has been just raring to go all night," Jaime informed the siblings "although on a slightly different note it is nice to see that the museum is nearly repaired. There was quite a lot of damage."

"Oh it wasn't much," Wayne laughed lightly "we've had much worse incidents happen."

"Yeah!" Charlie added as excited as usual "there was this one time, in the Volcano district of the museum, a couple of our fire types got into a bit of a squabble over some food and it resulted in them accidentally damaging one our artificial volcanoes. It caused what can only really be likened to a real life volcanic eruption!"

"You get way too into that story Charlie," Wayne sighed almost embarrassed "but yes he's right. We had to shut the centre down for over a week to clear out all of the artificial lava throughout the building, fix the mechanics of the Volcano and repair any damages."

"Wow, that must've been a pain," Jenny giggled, mainly because of the dynamic between Charlie and Wayne and their obviously opposite personalities.

"Anyway, Ash have you decided which of us you'd like to battle first?" Wayne questioned, arms folded with a slight smile on his face.

"I sure have!" Ash replied loudly "if you don't mind Wayne, I'd like to battle Charlie first."

"Not at all," Wayne said calmly, the same expression on his face "I'd be happy to watch you two battle."

"Awesome!" said Ash, almost jumping from all the energy and excitement he had pent up.

"Yeah!! I'm so excited I can't even describe it! We're going to have an awesome battle Ash!" Charlie punched him gently on the arm as he had Wayne earlier, although apparently not as gently as he'd thought, as Ash said a quiet 'ow' and rubbed his arm.

"Be careful Ash," Wayne spoke in a lowered, almost warning tone "my brother may be a bit all over the place in terms of energy, and very stubborn, a little clumsy, very forgetful, rather irritating at times..." he continued with a playful tone, counting the points he made on his fingers like a list.

"Hey! Don't embarrass me like this Wayne," Charlie protested.

"I'm just kidding...mostly," he winked "but he is a very strong Pokémon trainer. There's a reason we're gym leaders."

"I have no doubt!" replied Ash, the words having not phased him one bit "now let's go! I don't know if I can't wait much longer."


"Woah!" Ash, Jenny and Jaime exclaimed in awe as they entered the Volcanic district of the Science Centre. As they wandered through with Charlie and Wayne guiding them, it was amazing to see all of the small artificial ecosystems for fire type Pokémon, including some small desert like areas with heating for realism, some form of factory like area with furnaces and welding fires, and of course the huge articial volcano centrepiece, all of which were inhabited by pokémon, fire types and just Pokémon that generally preferred hotter climates. In the centre of the district, just in front of the Volcano with other climates surrounding the spectator seats, was a large marked battlefield.

"Well here we are Ash," Charlie proclaimed proudly, using an arm to gesture to the battlefield "what do you think?"

"It looks so cool!" shouted Ash "I want to get down there right now and have our battle!"

With that everybody took their places. Charlie on one side of the battlefield, Ash on the other with Pikachu on his shoulder, both facing off one another. Jaime and Jenny were seated on the front row of one of the bleachers with Sproutree and Crabubble one their laps. Wayne was stood in the referee spot with a flag in either hand, one red and one green.

"Let's get the official part done then," Wayne said authoritively. "Welcome to the Churchime City Gym. This will be a gym battle between Ash, the trainer from Pallet Town, Kanto, and Charlie one of the gym leaders of Churchime City. Each side may use 4 pokémon each, and additionally only the challenger may substitute Pokémon. The battle is over when all the Pokémon of one side are unable to battle. Are both participants happy to proceed?"

Both Ash and Charlie nodded in confirmation.

"Ash, just to clarify this is your first gym battle right?" Charlie asked.

"Yep, it sure is!"

"Great. I'll make sure to use the appropriate team then," Charlie smiled kindly before a more serious look spread across his face once more.

"Now, will both sides please call out their first Pokémon!" Wayne called out.

"You got it brother. Puplare you're up first!" Charlie declared, throwing his pokéball and revealing his first Pokémon. Out of the pokéball a small puppy like Pokémon with red and black fur appeared. It had four sharp fangs poking out of its mouth, as well as having tufts of fur shaped like small flames and bright yellow eyes.

"I haven't seen that Pokémon before," Ash said, taking out his pokédex.

"Puplare, the Puppy Pokémon, a Fire and Dark type. Puplare are often found as domestic pets throughout the region due to their fondness for people. They use their fur to spread its fire more easily."

"Ok got it. A Fire and Dark type. I want to save my best Pokémon for fire types for when things get really tough," Ash spoke softly "so I know. Flypi, i choose you!" Ash threw his pokéball and sent out his brown, red and white eagle chick Pokémon who took to the air immediately.

"The challenger makes the first move," Wayne said as he raised both flags into the air before swinging them back down as he shouted "let the battle commence!"

"Flypi, Wing Attacks let's go!" Ash pointed forward at Puplare, Flypi swooped low to the ground, its wings turning a pure white as it charged through the air towards the puppy Pokémon.

"Puplare dodge!"

Puplare leapt into the air at the last moment, with Flypi swooping under it without the chance to avert its direction.

"Now, Pyro Power!" Charlie ordered.

Puplare stood its ground as streams of fire shot up from its paws into the air before arcing around onto Puplare's body who absorbed it.

"Ash needs to be careful," Jaime said to Jenny "Pyro Power raises both of the users offensive stats. Clearly Charlie's style is all out power."

"Flypi, Wing Attack again!"

Flypi repeated its movements from before, closing in on Puplare with great speed as it swooped close to the ground.

Upon Charlie's command Puplare jumped to dodge again...

"Yep thought so. Flypi spin around with your wings out!" Ash smiled. Flypi kept its wings outstretched as Puplare jumped over it, spinning around at the right moment to hit Puplare with its wing. The fire type was slammed down onto the ground as Flypi flew back into the air and hovered.

"Hmmm, nice move Ash," Charlie praised him.

"He's not kidding," Jenny smirked "that was clever."

"Puplare use Tackle!"

Puplare barked its cry before leaping into the air high and slamming its body into Flypi.

"Dive onto it and use Fire Fang!"

It angled itself downwards on the same trajectory as Flypi, opening its mouth to reveal its fangs which became coated in flames. As it was about the land on the falling Flypi, it bit down on the pokémon's wing, causing a small burst of fire. Whilst clamped down with its teeth, it swung Flypi around and let go, throwing it onto the ground aggressively.

"Oh no Flypi!" Ash cried out.

"Ash needs to be careful!" Jaime seemed to be panicked slightly "with Charlie having boosted Puplare's power, Flypi won't be able to take many more hits like that."

"Puplare, Bite!" Charlie said excitedly.

The puppy Pokémon ran forward on all fours quickly, mouth wide as it prepared to bite down on Flypi.

"Flypi, fly up quickly!"

Flypi got to its feet and flapped its wings forcefully, taking to the air quickly and getting some space between itself and its opponent.

"Follow Flypi!"

Puplare jumped up similarly to before and closed in fast due to the power in its jump.

"Flypi, quickly turn and use Gust!"

Flypi spun whilst in flight, its wings glowing a pure white again as it began to flap them rapidly, creating a powerful gust of wind which forced Puplare to be blown back down the the ground. This was then followed up by a Wing Attack on Ash's command which hit Puplare as it was regaining its balance.

"Puplare, Fire Fang quickly!" Charlie shouted. Puplare raced towards Flypi, the flames spreading across its fangs again.

"Flypi charge into it with Wing Attack!" Ash fist pumped the air as he hoped he had this round in the bag. Sure enough as both Pokémon made contact, Flypi's powered up wing struck Puplare in the mouth, cancelling the Fire Fang and launching it backwards from the force.

"Finish it with Quick Attack!" He continued, clearly knowing that he had indeed probably won round one. Flypi charged forward with a short trail of white light shooting out behind it as it moved with incredible speed, smashing straight into Puplare who was now unconscious in front of Charlie.

"Puplare is unable to battle. The winner is Flypi!" Wayne announced.

"Return Puplare. You were great," Charlie said calmly, holding out his pokéball. The red light shot out of the button in the centre and surrounded the fainted Puppy Pokémon, pulling it back into its pokéball to rest. "Well done Ash. A great first round just as I expected from you. But things are only going to get tougher."

"I expect nothing less," Ash grinned.

"Wow that really was a good first round. If Ash keeps this up, he's got this battle in the bag," Jenny exclaimed impressed.

"True but I feel like Charlie's just getting warmed up," Jaime replied, resting his hands on his chin.

"Ok, Volcro its your turn!" Charlie announced as he threw his next pokéball. The familiar magma blob like Pokémon appeared on the field, sharp rocks poking out of the lava body.

"I'll stick with Flypi for now," Ash stated "so let's continue. Flypi, Gust let's go!". Flypi's wings glowed white yet again as it flapped them repeatedly, creating a powerful wind much like it had previously. Volcro however just stood it's ground, barely being budged by the wind.

"Woah! It barely moved at all," Jenny looked surprised "the rocks that make up part of its body must weigh it down more."

"Ash needs to be careful. Remember, Volcro is a Fire and Rock type and Rock spells trouble for a Flying type like Flypi," Jaime said seeming worried.

"Nice try Ash," Charlie chuckled "now Volcro use Flash!" Volcro's magma body became brighter and brighter until suddenly a burst of brilliant light blinded the room, dazzling Flypi completely.

"Oh no!" Ash panicked.

"Fireball, Volcro!" Charlie said.

Volcro opened its mouth which was normally covered by flowing magma and formed a small ball of fire which it shot out, landing squarely on Flypi. Luckily the damage wasn't too significant.

"Use Steel Wing Flypi!" Ash told his friend, who cried its name in response. Its wings gained a metallic covering as it swooped in low to strike.

"Volcro, Accelerock!"

Volcro quickly formed a set of 4 sharp stone shards in front of its mouth which is fired rapidly like bullets straight at Flypi, knocking it off balance and making it fall to the floor.

"What?! That was so fast!" Ash cried out, confused.

"Accelerock is a cool Rock type move that has increased priority, similar to Quick Attack," Charlie explained "it doesn't have the most power but the speed in which it can be used makes in invaluable for a slow Pokémon like Volcro."

"Oh i see. That's a good move but it won't catch us again. Flypi now get up quick and use Steel Wing!"

"It doesn't need to catch you again at the moment. Volcro use Rock Tomb!"

Volcro formed large rocks in the air above it and threw them all at once towards Flypi as it was standing back up. The rocks hits Flypi directly and fell around it, trapping it in briefly before they disappeared, revealing an unconscious Flypi.

"Flypi is unable to battle, Volcro is the winner." Wayne announced.

"Flypi, return!" Ash called, bringing the injured flying type Pokémon back to its pokéball, gripping it tight in his hand "you were great, get some rest. So Fire and Rock," Ash seemed to ponder out loud "then Tortarmour it's your turn!" He threw his next pokéball and the metallic-shelled tortoise Pokémon he'd caught the previous day took to the battlefield. "Now this is our first proper battle together Tortarmour, so just do your best and have fun! Ok buddy?"

"Tor!" Tortarmour nodded and said in response staring down the opposing Volcro.

"Use Water Pulse!" Ash commanded. Tortarmour opened its jaws and formed a compact ball of water before firing it at speed.

"Volcro use Accelerock to intercept!" Charlie ordered sounding slightly panicked. Volcro created the rock shards in front of itself and shot them at the incoming Water Pulse, causing it to explode mid flight.

"Aqua Jet!" Ash told Tortarmour, who surrounded its entire body in water before propelling itself upwards, using the force of the water as acceleration, arcing down and heading straight for Volcro.

Charlie got Volcro to use Accelerock again, hoping it would knock Tortarmour off balance like it had Flypi, but to no avail.

"Quick Volcro, use Flash!"

Volcro's body turned white rapidly before the familiar flash of blinding white exploded from it, stunning Tortarmour and temporarily ruining its vision. This caused Tortarmour the veer off course, instead crashing straight into the ground in front of Ash.

"Now, use Fireball!"

As Tortarmour regained both its balance and its sight, Volcro formed a significantly larger ball of fire than the first before launching it forcefully towards Tortarmour.

"Quick use Protect Tortarmour!" Ash said.

"Tort!" his Pokémon cried out before retreating into its shell and forming the protective barrier of light blue light. The incoming Fireball hit the forcefield and dispersed instantly after a slight explosion on impact.

"That Fireball seemed different to the first one..." Jenny said to Jaime, who nodded in agreement, saying he'd also noticed the same thing.

"We have to be able land an attack without letting Flash stop us," Ash was thinking out loud "but how can I make a move without Volcro being able to just stop us with that Flash...wait!" Ash's memory jumped back to the battle with Team Rocket yesterday. "Tortarmour, use Mirror Shot!"

Tortarmour reared its shell up slightly, powering it up, making the metal sheen gleam brighter before emitting a powerful burst of metallic light. Not only did this damage Volcro, but similarly to its own Flash, it temporarily caused Volcro to lose its vision, only seeing bright white everywhere.

"Now Water Pulse!" Ash demanded with a beaming grin having flipped Charlie's strategy around. Tortarmour formed the water ball in its mouth and fired it, the Water Pulse causing an explosion as it hit Volcro directly. Sure enough as the steam cloud disappeared, Volcro became visible and was clearly unconscious.

"Volcro is unable to battle, Tortarmour is the winner!"

"Yeah we did it Tortarmour. You did great!" Ash cheered for his pokémon, giving it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Tortarmour smiled back in thanks, pleased to make its new trainer happy.

"Impressive Ash, using my strategy against me. And your Tortarmour is super strong. I heard from one of our museum workers that you caught it here yesterday right?" Charlie asked.

"Yep, sure did," Ash answered with pride "this little guy didn't like being in captivity so she said i could take him with me."

"Well I'm glad to see he's going with such a talented trainer," Charlie smiled, Wayne agreeing with his brothers statement. "But this is still a gym battle and I will have to defeat you both. Go Tranceflare!" Charlie sent out his next pokémon, a small red and purple body of flame with pink eyes appeared floating above the battlefield.

"That's a new pokémon too," Ash stated with apparent glee as he once again got his pokédex out to scan the new pokémon.

"Tranceflare," his pokédex began "the Flame pokémon, a Psychic and Fire type. Tranceflare's true body is never visible, as it surrounds it with a permanant, purple flecked flame, held in place with its latent psychic powers. It uses the same psychic abilities to form smaller flames which orbit around its body. It uses these flames as its primary weapons in the wild."

On cue, Tranceflare closed its eyes as it formed four decent sized orbs of fire floating before opening them again. Opening its eyes seemed to activate its psychic powers on the flames which began orbiting around its body in a circular motion.

"So it's Psychic and Fire. Tortarmour should still do great so let's pick it back up. Use Water Pulse!" Tortarmour fired the compact ball of water from its mouth, zooming towards Tranceflare with great speed and power.

"Tranceflare, intercept with Psybeam!" Charlie told his pokémon calmly. Tranceflare's eyes became rainbow coloured before shooting a beam of rainbow energy out of them, striking the Water Pulse and bursting it.

"Now Tranceflare, Will-O-Wisp!"

"Oh no he's going to try and burn Tortarmour!" Jenny cried out panicked.

Tranceflare turned the flames surrounding its body a burning blue colour before throwing them at Tortarmour using its psychic powers. Upon Ash's command Tortarmour used Protect to stop the Will-O-Wisp making contact.

"Aqua Jet let's go!"

Tortarmour launched itself into the air in a jet of water before aiming at Tranceflare and speeding forward.

"Tranceflare, use Confusion," Charlie said almost as if it were a suggested rather than a command.

Tranceflare's eyes glowed a light blue as a circle of the same colour briefly appeared and span in front of its body. Then, Tortarmour's body was cloaked in a thin light of the same colour. Ash stared in worry as he saw his pokémon's attack be redirected drastically, Tortarmour being smashed into the ground against its will.

"Those Psychic moves are causing too many problems!" Ash declared, thinking quickly about what he could do. "Tortarmour try Water Pulse again."

Ash watched as the scenario he'd expected to happen played out. The Water Pulse was stopped by Tranceflare's Confusion before being span around and slammed into Tortarmour, who luckily didn't take much damage from it.

"Mirror Shot!" Ash ordered, hoping to dazzle Tranceflare like it had Volcro.

"Tranceflare use Magic Flame!" Charlie spoke.

Tortarmour's Mirror Shot connected as it.had before, whilst the flames floating around Tranceflare grew slightly in size and turned bright pink before they flew through the air at a decent speed. To Ash, Jaime and Jenny's shock, the move was a direct hit despite Tranceflare's vision being impared.

"How?!" Ash and Jenny said in unison, both surprised.

"That's my secret," Charlie responded almost slightly smug.

"Ugh, Tortarmour Return," Ash said as he called back his tortoise pokémon "I might need you for later."

"Calling back your Pokémon? Possibly a wise choice. Let's see what you have for me next."

"I need someone who can deal with the Psychic type attacks. So Spidark you're up!" Ash threw his pokéball, the small black and neon blue spider Pokémon bursting out with a smile.

"Oh? A Bug and Dark type I see. Then we're both at a disadvantage seeing as how my Psychic moves won't have any effect," Charlie nodded in approvement of Ash's choice "but Spidark is still weak to Fire. So we're both at a disadvantage."

"I know," Ash said "but that just makes battles more fun."

"Ha! I like your style Ash," Charlie credited him "now Tranceflare use Will-O-Wisp." Tranceflare flung the blue flames at Spidark with the intention of burning it at halving its physical attack.

"Spidark, use Faint Attack go dodge and then strike!" Ash smirked. Spidark shrouded itself briefly in a black mist before it cleared, revealing the spiderling Pokémon to have disappeared, the Will-O-Wisp hitting the ground where it had been and merely extinguishing on impact.

"Tranceflare, try to sense where Spidark is," Charlie said with a warning tone. But it was too late. By the time Tranceflare had pinpointed where Spidark was, it leapt out of a cloud of the same black mist and slammed into Tranceflare.

"Great job Spidark!" Ash cheered.

"It's super effective!" Jenny exclaimed happily.

"Hmmm good move Ash. But don't think you've gotten us yet," Charlie winked.

"Let's wrap this round up. Use Faint Attack again Spidark."

"Magic Flame Tranceflare, go!"

As Spidark disappeared in the black mist once again, Tranceflare sent it's pink flames flying through the air. Their determined course of movement was confusing as they seemed to fling around the room rapidly, changing direction multiple times until suddenly zooming down to the ground in front of Tranceflare. Surely enough as Spidark appeared out of a cloud of black mist to strike its opponent, the pink flames collided with it and sent it flying backwards to the side of the arena.

"What?!" Ash shouted perplexed.

"Ash!" Jaime yelled to his friend "Magic Flame can't be dodged! It's like Magical Leaf it will always hit the opponent, unless they counter or protect, no matter how you try to avoid it."

"Well spotted Jaime," Charlie said, the pride now in his voice.

"Ok then. Spidark use Bug Needle!" Ash told his pokémon, surprisingly level headed. Spidark leapt into the air and opened its mandibles to fire a barrage of light green needles at Tranceflare.

"Use Magic Flame to stop it," Charlie spoke confidently.

"Now Faint Attack!"


Spidark disappeared again, and as he'd hoped the Magic Flame attack changed course to chase the spider.

"Oh no!" Charlie panicked as he realised what Ash had done.

With the Magic Flame now chasing Spidark, who had appeared behind Tranceflare, the Bug Needle hit Tranceflare directly, with Spidark being able to slam into it from behind. However not without the Magic Flame making contact with it. Both Pokémon fell to the ground unconscious.

"Both Tranceflare and Spidark are unable to battle. The round goes to both sides!" Wayne announced.

"Return!" Both trainers called out simultaneously, pulling their Pokémon back into their pokéballs, both taking the time congratulate their pokémon on a battle well fought.

"My last Pokémon. Well done Ash you're showing the promise i hoped you had. Now, light em' up Wildeseer!" Onto the battlefield appeared a pretty large brown and red bull like Pokémon with glinting metal horns, one either side of its head.

"Another new Pokémon!" Ash said delighted, pulling out his pokédex.

"Wildeseer, the Wildebeest Pokémon, a Fire and Steel type and the evolved form of Wildeburn. Wildeseer rank below their evolution Wildescorch in their herds, usually forming the back half of any stampede and assume the role of protection for any Wildeburn young. As with all three members of this evolution line, they leave trails of fire behind them as the stampede across the land."

"Fire and Steel...ok. Tortarmour come back out!" Ash chose wisely, sending his armoured tortoise pokémon back out to battle. At least he thought it was the wise choice.

"Wildeseer, Pyro Power to get warmed up," Charlie said to his pokémon, who huffed in acknowledgement before stomping it front hooves onto the ground, streams of fire rising into the air like what had happened with Puplare, before bending down and inwards, entering Wildeseer's body who cried its name as its offensive stats were increased.

"Oh no, this could get out of hand," Jenny said to Jaime, clutching Crabubble tight in her arms.

"Ash hasn't made a good choice," Jaime spoke forbodingly "Wildeseer's ability is Boiling Point, which makes it immune to Water type moves. I don't think he knows!"

"Oh no!" Jenny cried out.

"Tortarmour, Water Pulse quickly!" Tortarmour did the attack as before, launching the powerful ball of water at Wildeseer. However as it hit it just seemed to turn to steam instantly. "What?!" Ash asked loudly.

"Hahaha. Wildeseer's ability is Boiling Point. It means that Water type moves are completely useless against it. You might as well use a Grass type," Charlie taunted Ash before calling out his next move "Fireball Wildeseer!"

Wildeseer opened its mouth and created a small ball of fire in it before firing it at Tortarmour, who upon Ash's command used Protect to stop it. But Ash was just as perplexed when he saw Charlie smirking.

"Flame Charge!"

Wildeseer stomped its front hooves a few times as flames coated its entire body, then it galloped forward, gaining more speed with every second. Then with Tortarmour unable to react quick enough, the move landed directly, causing great damage to the armoured tortoise who slid along the field.

"Oh no, now it's more powerful and faster. And Water moves won't do a thing. Tortarmour Mirror Shot!" Ash ordered in a last ditch effort.

"Wildeseer use Fireball!"

Given Wildeseer's now increased speed, not only did it move faster but it charged up its moves quicker. Therefore the now bigger Fireball struck Tortarmour before it could finish charging Mirror Shot, leaving the poor Water type unconscious.

"Tortarmour is unable to battle. Wildeseer is the winner."

"Return Tortarmour. Thank you so much, you did so well for your first battle with a trainer," Ash commended his Pokémon "you ready buddy?" He asked Pikachu who was stood by his leg.

"Pika!" The electric mouse nodded before running up to his place on the battlefield.

"Last round Ash. It's three all. Whoever wins this wins the battle," Charlie declared with a grin "are you ready?"

"Always," Ash responded with as much excitement "Pikachu use Electro Ball!"

Pikachu leapt into the air and formed a ball of electricity at the tip of his tail, spinning in the air and flinging it towards Wildeseer. The speed of the move clearly took Charlie and Wildeseer off guard as they didn't have time to react, the Electro Ball slammed straight into Wildeseer's side and knocked it over onto it's side.

"Get up Wildeseer and use Fireball!"

Wildeseer seemed to jump up quickly, forming a very big fireball in its mouth this time before launching it at Pikachu.

"Dodge it quick Pikachu!" Ash ordered. Pikachu jumped out of the way of the main attack but the explosion it caused caught the electric mouse, who landed on the ground with a thud.

"Now Iron Head!" Charlie shouted, pumping his fist from excitement, the heat of the battle really pumping up the two trainers. Wildeseer's horns took on a darker metallic sheen before it ran at Pikachu with great speed.

However, seeing Wildeseer on its side had given Ash a plan.

"Pikachu use Iron Tail on Wildeseer's leg!" Ash told his partner, unable to contain his adrenaline fuelled delight. Pikachu's tail glinted silver as he ran forward, slid onto his back and span, whacking his hardened tail into the leg of the fiery wildebeest who couldn't counter the attack due to the momentum of its gallop. Surely enough this tripped Wildeseer, the same momentum causing its body to flip over as it fell, landing on its back.

"Now Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu sprang up and charged electricity in its body before unleashing a large bolt of lightning at the overturned Wildeseer, striking a direct hit.

"That looked like it hurt!" Jenny shouted in encouragement.

"Hmph. We can't lose, not now," Charlie spoke through gritted teeth "Wildeseer, use Fireball quickly!" Still on its back, Wildeseer turned its head to see Pikachu having not landed yet, formed a truly huge fireball and shot it at the mouse, landing a powerful hit on its opponent.

"Woah! Fireball gets more powerful with every use!" Ash realised.

"Yep, it's my favourite move," Charlie grinned "use it enough at the right points in battle and it becomes almost unstoppable."

"We have to win," Ash declared "Pikachu Thunderbolt again whilst Wildeseer is getting up!"

Pikachu proceeded to do as he was told, but Wildeseer got out of the way just in time, and was now preparing to attack.

"Fireball, finish this off!"

Wildeseer formed what can only be called an enormous ball of fire which it catapulted at Pikachu.

"Pikachu Thunderbolt to counter it! You won't be able to dodge," Ash deduced smartly. Pikachu struck the huge fireball with his Thunderbolt, and for a moment it looked like it would be a wasted effort. Luckily after another second or so, the Fireball and Thunderbolt cancelled each other out, causing a large explosion.

"Wildeseer, Flame Charge while there's smoke everywhere!" Commanded Charlie with vigour, not wasting a moment to try and claim victory.

"Pikachu, you use Quick Attack!"

As Pikachu burst into a speedy run, the smoke cleared and the two Pokémon were about to charge head first into each other.

"Now Pikachu, clip its leg!" Ash ordered with hope in his eyes. Pikachu slinked as low as it could whilst running, slamming into Wildeseer's leg and making it fall onto the ground harder than before. "Finish with Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu bounded up to Ash and jumped off of his shoulder before unleashing his signature powerful Thunderbolt, striking Wildeseer who became surrounded by the electricity. As Pikachu landed, and the electricity faded from Wildeseer, it was clear to see the result. Wildeseer was unconscious.

"Wildeseer is unable to battle! Pikachu is the winner and the victory goes to Ash the challenger!!" Wayne shouted loudly, unable to stop himself from smiling. That was some battle he thought to himself.

Charlie sighed as he returned Wildeseer to its pokéball, praising it for a good fight before allowing his moment of disappointment to fade away to be replaced by a beaming grin. "Congratulations Ash," he said happily as the two met in the centre of the battlefield and shook hands "that was amazing. I've not had such an intense battle in quite some time. You definitely have earnt this."

With that Charlie put a small flame shaped pin into Ash's hand. "That's my half of the Churchime City Gym's Yin-Yang badge. If you want the other half you're going to have to defeat my brother next."

"Well done Ash!" Jenny ran towards him and hugged him tightly, proud of her friend.

"Yes that was a great battle," Jaime added with a clear smile. He may not be as emotional as Jenny but it was obvious he too was proud even if he didn't show it as dramatically.

"I've got to say Ash, that was very enjoyable to watch," Wayne spoke as he joined the rest of them on the battlefield "my brother's pretty 'all-out-aggressive battle style can be very intimidating for challengers to overcome. However my battle style isn't like Charlie's, so don't assume you'll beat me as you have him."

"Don't worry Wayne, we're going to give our battle everything we've got, just like we did today!" Ash replied with a determined expression.

"I expect no less," Wayne smiled pleasantly "now go and get some rest. I'll be ready for you tomorrow."

"You've got it!"



I had so much fun writing this chapter. I'm sorry it was kinda long but i hope the effort and passion comes through in the writing. Most of all I hope those of you who read it will enjoy this chapter and look forward to any future installments.


Thanks for reading you awesome people

Yours sincerely,





Ash is halfway to his first badge!

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This is amazing! I love it sooo much!

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No problem! It’s amazing how u made new moves, ability’s and Pokémon!

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No problem :)

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Oh shit, I just redownloaded this app and found this, gonna stick around this is actually really fucking good.

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I will. How often do you post these daily, weekly, or just whenever?

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