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Texel n' Fluffs

Lucardio 7 days ago

Finally posted again, I made some art of my texel guinea pig and some super fluffy Pokémon! I also just wanted an excuse to draw fluffy Pokémon,,,

I really like how this came out actually! I'm still getting used to this tablet, and this program but it's easy to get around! I feel like I'm slowly improving haha

This took me about 1½ hours, I use an XP-Pen tablet and Medibang Paint! Hope you all like this! :heart:





Nap time :two_hearts:

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1 5 days ago

Fluffy Pokémon are my weakness! The guinea pig fits right in with the Pokémon, if I saw a new Pokémon designed like that in the games I wouldn’t question it hahaha. I didn’t know about that breed of guinea pig before, it’s so cute! Is its fur soft and silky? Or is it more springy like poodle fur?

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1 6 days ago

Reply to: aquatthewailord

It's kind of a combination of both furs! It's springy but soft, they're so great to stroke and hold. Thank you so much!! *Ü*

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1 6 days ago
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