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Top 7 Fire Starters

PokESP February 05

So earlier I have done a poll on what my next countdown should be, and although it was very close, fire starters won out. So I present to you my

Top 7 Fire Starters

I will be counting down my top 7 personal favorite fire starters, not the strongest. So if you wanted that list, well, too bad. So enough with the introductions. Let's get started.

#7: Blaziken

I can already feel angry commenters here to protect their fire chicken. Look I am not saying Blaziken is all bad. I actually think its pre-evolution, Torchic, is pretty cute. But that's the end of the compliments for this bucket of KFC. Blaziken is just insanely overrated. Its design is...questionable, especially when it comes to Combusken. Not to mention that it has some tough competition with the other Hoenn starters, Sceptile and Swampert. Blaziken just isn't appealing to me. I'd be much happier with something else. So from its overratedness to its design (not to mention how annoying it is online), I put Blaziken at the bottom of the list.

#6: Charizard

Oh no. More angry commenters. Look look look. I like Charizard, don't get me wrong. I think it has a really cool design with a pretty goof and memorable evolution line and great mega evolutions. But what puts it so low on the list is, again, how overrated and overexposed it is. Whenever you see pokemon, you expect to see two pokemon in particular: Pikachu and Charizard. Whether it be Smash Bros., Pokken, or literally anything else, Charizard is everywhere. Plus I just don't have that much experience with it. I think Greninja and Decidueye are definitely overrated, but I have used them in playthroughs in the past, and I enjoyed using them. Sure I used one in X, but that's about it. I always just chose Bulbasaur or Squirtle over Charmander in most cases. Overall, I think this pokemon is alright, but nowhere near the best.

#5: Incineroar

All right! Now we're in top 5 territory! This is when I start getting more positive. I think that Litten is amazing. I think Torracat is even better. Incineroar, while the worst of the bunch, is still really good. While a lot of people may not like it because it turns bipedal, I think a Tony the Tiger/John Cena fusion is a great idea. But in all seriousness, I truly think Incineroar is highly underrated. People complain it turns bipedal, but honestly, so what? It still looks awesome. And can I reiterate that it's a FREAKING TIGER. I don't know about you, but a fire tiger wrestler is a cool enough concept to like it in my book. So I say all this good stuff about it. What's the opposite side of the argument? Well, unlike the other starters on the list, I never used an Incineroar. I used a Litten in my Moon Emerald nuzlocke, but we don't talk about that. And although Incineroar looks cool, it could've been better. It has the potential to be an amazing quadraped tiger, but it didn't live to the hype. It's still a good mon tho, and it's my #5 pick.

#4: Delphox

I think Delphox is a very underrated pokemon. I love using FireFox. But in all seriousness, I think Delphox and its pre-evolutions, Fennekin and Braixen, all look amazing and is definitely my favorite Kalos starter line, and for other good reasons. I love using Delphox whenever I get the chance. It's probably my most used starter of all time, but that's probably due to the fact that I play X and Y a little too much. I also have some decent experiences using one in Showdown. However, Delphox isn't my favorite. I feel like the design could be slightly better. Fennekin and Braixen both look very good, and then there's Delphox which is, eh. To be honest, I think just keeping it at Braixen and not making it a starter would be a better idea. But Delphox is still a really good mon and my number 4 pick.

#3: Infernape

Here is the third overexposed fire starter. But honestly, I get the exposure this time around. Infernape's design is amazing. Compare it to every other monkey and they don't stand a chance. Plus Chimchar is so cute, and Monferno is definitely the best middle starter evolution. Plus I have a lot of nostalgia for this monkey. My first ever pokemon game was Pokemon Platinum. At that point in my life, which wasn't very old, I only wanted the game because the creature on the front (obviously Giratina) looked really cool. So my mom bought me a Nintendo DS and a copy of Platinum. Thanks mom. Anyway my in-game team is the obvious reason why I bring this up. My team consisted of three pokemon: Bibarel, Giratina, and of course, Infernape. Even though I was terrible at the game, this fire monkey found a way into my heart before I even knew how the game worked, so it deserves this spot. Plus it's based off of Son Goku, and anything somewhat related to Dragon Ball makes me automatically love it.

#2: Typhlosion

Ah. Heart Gold. My second ever pokemon game. Heart Gold was a great experience for me, maybe even better than Platinum. And judging from this list, you could probably guess who I picked for a starter. I picked Cyndaquil because of fire. I just did that when I was younger. But first, let's take a look at its design. Cyndaquil looks very cute. It looks amazing. I want one. Quilava is the best boi here. I don't know why I like the design so much over Cyndaquil and Typhlosion, but I just do. Speaking of Typhlosion, it looks amazing as well. Plus I have tons of experience with it in playthroughs and nuzlockes. There's not really much more to say. I just love this pokemon.

#1: Emboar

Ok here is a very very underrated pokemon. Emboar is my favorite fire starter. Why? Well let me begin. Let's start with Tepig. Tepig is an amazing pokemon and the superior pig. Tepig is just so cute and I love it so much. Pignite is pretty good too, though it is pretty awkward. But all middle starter forms are awkward except Braixen and the Alola starters. But Emboar. Ooooh. I love, LOVE, this pokemon. Its design is easily the best looking fire starter. I don't get why people think it's ugly. Its shiny form is amazing too. I haven't really talked about shinies on this list, since most of them aren't the best, side for Charizard, Delphox, and now Emboar. Finally, the nostalgia. I got Pokemon Black at a good time in my life, when I actually knew what was going on around me. And I chose Tepig. Pokemon Black was the game that got me into pokemon for good, and I'm glad it did, because if it didn't, first of all, this post wouldn't exist. I wouldn't be in PKA. Who knows what I'd be doing. Probably being a filthy Overwatch casual. In conclusion, Emboar is my favorite fire starter. I love it. Please. I want one.

So that's gonna be all for this top 7. What did you think? What's your favorite fire starter? Be sure to let me know. There's a comments section for a reason. And with that being said, I'll see you all later.




Delphox is my favorite starter and I absolutely love my delphox named Leo

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5 7 days ago

Great blog! I enjoyed reading it.

My list :-

7. Blaziken (I agree with you. He is a KFC bucket)

6. Delphox (I don't like pokémon who resembles a fox)

5. Charizard (Overrated and ok design)

4. Incineroar (Pretty much the same reasons as yours)

3. Emboar (It has a really great design too. My favourite Unova starter)

2. Typhlosion (I have always liked cyndaquil evolution line)

1. Infernape (Its design is awesome and I like it's moveset too)

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4 7 days ago

My list

6-typhlosion (meh don't hate it but not a fan)

5-Delphox (okay with it)

4-Charizard (okay with it)

3-Incineroar (i like it)

2-emboar (i really like it)


A blaziken ?

What's a blaziken ?

Is that some kind of vegetable ?

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3 6 days ago
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