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(Japanese: グソクムシャ Gusokumusha) is a dual-type Bug/Water Pokémonintroduced in Generation VII.

It evolves from Wimpod starting at level 30.


Emergency Exit

  -When a Pokémon with Emergency Exit drops below half of its full HP in battle, it will flee in wild battles, or switch out in Trainer battles. It can only activate when a Pokémon's HP falls from above half to below half; if it does not activate at that time, it will not activate at all (unless the Pokémon with this Ability restores HP).

Emergency Exit will not activate if the Pokémon's HP falls below half due to hurting itself in confusion, hail, sandstorm or using Substitute. This Ability will not activate if the HP of the Pokémon with this Ability is restored to above half immediately after it drops below half (such as due to a held Sitrus Berry).

Emergency Exit will not activate if the Pokémon's HP falls below half by a move affected by Sheer Force.

It will activate only after the last hit of multi-strike moves, even if the HP of the Pokémon with this Ability drops below half before the last hit. If this Ability activates due to being hit by U-turn or Volt Switch, the user of that move will not be switched out.

Trapping moves do not prevent Emergency Exit from activating.

If the Pokémon with Emergency Exit holds a Red Card or Eject Button, the item activates first. Dragon Tail and Circle Throw switch out Pokémon before the Ability activates.

Emergency Exit will not activate on the player's Pokémon in wild battles during trials.




6'07"2.0 m


238.1 lbs.108.0 kg


Golisopod is a large, menacing arthropod Pokémon in a hunched-over, humanoid posture. It has a light purplish inner body generously armored with a silvery exoskeleton. Golisopod’s bright purple antennae converge with its mouthparts on the front of its relatively small head, forming a sort of mask between its two eyes. The eyes are black and angular in shape, each with a light gray pupil that looks like a four-pointed star. Behind Golisopod’s head are three roundish segments of its shell, each with a long, upwardly-curved protrusion on either side and marked with a greenish triangle on the front; these segments cover its jutting neck. Below the neck are three pairs of arms. The two frontal pairs of arms are thin, each one tipped with a sharp, black claw. The rearmost pair of arms is the largest, and ends with two large, purple “hands” equipped with two large claws each. The back of each hand is plated with three angular pieces of armor, marked with more greenish triangles. On Golisopod’s upper back, three more plates of armor are visible, the two uppermost of which are large with more long protrusions on the sides. Golisopod’s body gets slightly thinner towards the gut, then curves forward again slightly at its round waist. A portion of shell resembling a loincloth surrounds the waist. Below this are Golisopod’s two large, round thighs, which match the color of its armor. Thin, purplish forelegs connect the thighs to Golisopod’s boot-shaped feet, each single sharp, black toe.

Golisopod is the only known Pokémon a capable of learning the moves first Impression.

Held Items

Eject botton




first impression

bulk up

sucker punch

razor shell

swords dance

aqua jet

leech life


x scissor

poison jab

water fall

Evolution Line


Level 30




Golisopod may be based on the giant isopod and the armor of a samurai.

Name origin

Golisopod may be a combination of Goliath and isopod.

Gusokumusha may be a combination of 大王具足虫 daiō-gusokumushi (giant isopod), 具足 gusoku (fully equipped), and 武者 musha (warrior).

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